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Green’s Auto Parts Ltd. – New & Used Auto Parts in Fredericton

With access to a huge inventory of new, used and rebuilt auto parts in Fredericton, Green’s Auto Parts sells parts for all makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles to service centers and do-it-yourselfers.

We welcome you to explore our vast parts menu to get you exactly what you need. And we also offer access to quality aftermarket parts when new or used parts aren’t available.

Not only have we been providing auto parts to Fredericton and the surrounding area since 1960, but we also ship parts throughout Canada.

Welcome to Green’s Auto Parts Ltd.

Take Care of Your Car, and It Will Take Care of You
The key to saving money on repairs is to keep a vehicle well maintained with regular oil changes and tune-ups. Properly maintained air pressure in tires will make your tires last longer and improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Holding off on a repair quite often compounds your problem, resulting in extra costs.

The Green's Formula: Your vehicle + regular maintenance = reliability, retained value and most of all, a happy owner. You’re the winner!

At Green's, our motto is “Spend a little, save a lot.”

Of course, no matter how well you treat your vehicle, parts will inevitably break down. And when they do, you can always rely on us to have what you need.

We look forward to serving you. Contact us for the auto parts you need.

Service Area

Here, there, everywhere and all points in between. We have couriers leaving 5 days a week with the part you need. Ask for details to your location.

We ship parts all over Canada.

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